Jeanette Hillig uses various materials in the production of her work, which focuses on the exposure of

surfaces to be perceived as spatial objects. Among other things, she uses plaster, paint and wood,

 when creating her precise compositions. The use of simple, contrasting colours define

the aesthetic baseline of the works, in which tightly organized elements and materials are balanced with

an unpretentious streak of randomness. Alongside their formal and specific properties, the works also

point in a sensitive and subtle direction. This is expressed in a working method which explores variations

on the way paint is applied, the surface is processed, and by meticulous consideration over the character

of each incorporated element. Jeanette Hillig assembles, disassembles, pours, lubricates, and dips as the

work takes form. In the development process the work is continuously adjusted in relation to the

architectural proportions and shapes of the room in which it is to be installed.